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Japanese Rice

長野産 こしひかり

  • Item Code
  • RR-07M-P3
  • Production Area
  • Nagano Japan
    Nagano 長野
  • Packaging
  • 3 kg
  • Description
  • Imported Japanese brown rice from Japan and polished it at our warehouse in Malaysia !
    Koshihikari is the most common rice in Japan. Well balanced in taste, flavour, stickiness, shininess. Nagano Koshihikari has sweetness and softness.
  • Origin of the name
  • This rice is developed in Niigata and grown up in Fukui. Regions of Koshi (Tohoku region) and Hikari (bright light). It is their wishes to be a bright in Koshi region.
  • Supply
  • Wholesale to restaurant in Malaysia

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